Accueil | Accommodation


Inn: An establishment that offers dining and accommodation services at least, and may also offer other services. It must include bedrooms, and a kitchen and dining room or living room.

Camp: A building with a fixed and rigid floor, roof and walls. Also has an open space, except for enclosed toilets.

Cabin/cottage: A building with a fixed and rigid floor, roof and walls. Includes one or more rooms separated from the kitchen or living room.

Dormitory: A building comprising an open room area with capacity to accommodate more than 6 people.

Hotel: A building or cluster of buildings offering rooms for rent, of which at least 90% are not directly accessible from the outside.

Motel: Generally a linear building, comprising several accommodation units adjoining one another, with direct access from the outside. Each unit comprises an open room area, except for the toilet.

Framed tent square and temporary shelter: A temporary building made of canvas and/or rigid materials. Not given a rating owing to its impermanent nature and variable location.

Accommodation on water/Houseboat: Floating structure with fixed floor, roof and walls, specially designed for accommodation. May include an open space, except for toilets or a cabin, separate from the galley or the living area.